Karel Doing


Karel Doing grew up in a family with a profound interest in Buddhism, pacifism, ecology and the arts. At a young age he started making music and paintings, during his adolescence these activities merged in performances with percussion and action painting. While studying at art school he discovered analogue film and graduated with film based work foregrounding the rhythmical, painterly and performative qualities of the medium.

Since his graduation in 1990 Doing has been working independently, creating experimental films, installations, documentaries and performative pieces focusing on sensorial, post-colonial and environmental topics. Through the study of material process, the recording of oral history and the (re)use of cinematic heritage he explores alternative knowledge systems.

In his thesis 'Ambient Poetics and Critical Posthumanism in Expanded Cinema' Doing maps and enquires the possible overlaps between these different fields. In conclusion he proposes new forms of humility, doubt and listening to be advanced in today's over-confident and exploitative human culture.

Doing's work has been shown worldwide in cinemas, on festivals, in galleries, museums and on stage. He has given workshops and lectures internationally at Willem de Kooning Academy, Piet Zwart Institute, KABK, Nordland Kunst og Filmfagskole, FAMU, University of East London, Ravensbourne University and School for New Dance Development. He is presently based in Cambridge and London.

His films are distributed by Lightcone and the New York Filmmakers' Coop and certain films are part of the collections of EYE Filmmuseum and Museum Boijmans van Beuningen. Together with Bea Haut he runs Film in Process, a DIY film-laboratory based at the University of East London.


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