Karel Doing

Vitaal Filmen

Super8 and MiniDV
32 minutes


Filmhuis Arnhem (Arnhem)
2B (Eindhoven)
Extrapool (Nijmegen)
De Boulevard (Den Bosch)
Filmhuis Cavia (Amsterdam)
Filmmuseum (Amsterdam)
Paard (Den Haag)
Vide Cultura (Haarlem)
Policino 4 (Catania)
La Mostra Internacional (Barcelona)
102 (Grenoble)
Scratch (Paris)
Cinéma Sputnik (Genève)
London Filmmakers' Co-op (London)


Rob Sweere, Ania Rachmat, Kana Miloning, Saskia Fransen, Edward Luyken, Jaap Kroneman,Job Horst, Ida Lohman/Fiona Tan, Doro Krol, Karel Doing, Luk Sponselee

In 1989 Studio één foundation was created by three fellow art students aiming to provide artist with the means to work on Super8 and 16mm film. Besides offering editing, printing and darkroom facilities Studio één also inititated this collaborative short artist film project.

11 filmmakers where asked to make a short film about a part of the human body. The result of this process consists of the following elements: eye, hair, ear, heart, leftarm/hand, lungs, belly, vagina, bottom, legs and feet.

All filmmakers were invited on the basis of earlier work, they where free in their approach of the subject. 'Vitaal Filmen' was a strict low-budget project. The resulting film was screened in artist run spaces that had sprung up in squats throughout the Netherlands. Subsequently an international network emerged with likeminded inititatives accross Europe.