Karel Doing


silent films and improvised music
7 Oktober 2007, Filmmuseum Amsterdam

A cinemaconcert in the series of the Filmmuseum; short silent films accompanied by improvised contemporary music.

The selection of the films is based on the appearance of striking and fairly obstinate women in the leading roles. The films are from the archives of the Filmmuseum in Amsterdam; French, Dutch, Danish and American works (1910 ­ 1920) combined with a recent film inspired by this wonderful period in the history of film making.

Compositions and musical performance:
- Andrea Emonds (voice, acoustic guitar)
- Rita Knuistingh Neven (piano, violin, electric bass guitar, recorder)

Rosalie et son phono - Roméo Bosette - France

Rosalie receives a phonograph by mail, puts it together enthusiastically and sweeps everybody off their feet with her happy but also destructive dance.

When Mary grew up - James Young - USA

Quite a robust young lady, punished by her mother and locked in her room, dresses up as a boy. She escapes through the window, steals apples from the neighbour who catches her eating one…and falls for her on the spot!

Filmens Vovehals - Several directors - Denmark

A mix of scenes in which the Danish actress Emilie Sannom shines from the screen. She descends in a diving bell, climbs on a church tower and a chimney, hangs from an aeroplane and lands with a parachute. In real life she fell and died when her parachute failed to open.

Trottadam - die Trottos - the Netherlands

Two women meet in Rotterdam to get married. They have their own way of performing the traditional ritual, in which they play with clichés and expectations. They invoke the atmosphere of the 1920s, parodying the present and enchanting the audience with their comic and loving performance. Rita Knuistingh Neven composed music for the film, which she will also perform live.
Trijntje en Mijntje - Louis H. Chrispijn - the Netherlands

Mijntje and Trijntje, two girls from Zeeland, are on their way to Zandvoort by tram. On board they meet two young men and flirt with them. Once they get to the beach, they take a swim, dance on the beach through the crowd and are arrested for their exuberant behaviour.
Trijnthe Mijntje
Cunégonde femme Cochère - France

The husband of Cunégonde stays at home with a broken leg; discharge hanging over his head. Cunégonde takes over his job as a carriage driver. On the way she whips a magician. When a passenger changes into a bear and appears to be the same magician, Cunégonde flips.