Karel Doing

The city and the activities of those who live there have yielded grateful subject-matter since the beginning of cinema. Many of Lumière Brothers' earliest films were registrations of busy traffic in the big city. Later on in the history of cinema, when the feature film and documentary as we know them had developed into independent genres, the observation of modern life was still the subject of the kind of film usually classified as 'experimental' today. For the première of their film Maas Observation the Rotterdam film-maker Karel Doing and Greg Pope from Britain compiled a historical survey of experimental films on the theme of the city.

Programme 1:

Dreaming in yellow while searching for Carpaccio's gold - Andrea Kirsch
Premonition - Dominic Angerame
Hackney Marshes - John Smith
Static - Inger Lise Hansen
Seeing in the Rain - Chris Gallagher
Maas Observation - Greg Pope & Karel Doing

Programme 2:

In the street - Helen Levitt
Vision of the city - Larry Jordan
Conical Intersect - Gordon Matta Clarck
Under Brooklyn Bridge - Rudy Burckhardt
Go, go, go - Marie Menken


De stad die nooit rust - Andor von Barsy
Impressies van de haven - Max de Haas
Nieuwe Architectuur - Joris Ivens
De Steeg - Jan Koelinga
De Maasbruggen - Paul Schuitema