Karel Doing

Cinema Torarica

TENT Rotterdam
17 September - 31 October 2010

Historical documentaries on Suriname juxtaposed to current films.

Faya Lobbi, Herman van der Horst, 70 minutes 1960

Impression of the life of various peoples in Suriname,
punctuated with music, dancing, singing and the mysterious sounds of the jungle.

Faja Lobbi
Stedman, Leon Giesen, 50 minutes 2003

At the end of the eighteenth century the Scottish-Dutch mercenary John Gabriel Stedman takes part in a punitive expedition to Suriname for tough action against rebellious slaves. But the tide turns: Stedman falls in love with a Maroon girl and decides to do everything he can to improve the fate of her people.

Saamaka, Karel Doing, 50 minutes (based on Djoeka, 1930)

In the historical film Djoeka we see a Dutch expedition
team in the inlands of Surinam, documenting the culture of the Maroons. In 2010, in collaboration with present-day Maroons, Karel Doing made a soundtrack for this film from the opposite perspective.

Zwampoogst, Peter Creutzberg, 1958, 42 minutes

This film shows the reclamation of the swamp areas on the coast of Surinam for the benefit of the cultivation of rice. The film resembles the films about impoldering made in the Netherlands.
Warzone Suriname, Vinije Haboo, 2009, 32 minutes

The film shows the environmental consequences of gold mining in the interior of Surinam.
War Zone Suriname

Short films from Suriname, 2010, 90 minutes

With films, clips and news items by Melvin Moti, Jurgen Lisse, Ravi Rajcoomar, Kit-Ling Tjon Pian Gi, Samantha Soehandi, George Struikelblok,
The Back Lot, and others.

Jurgen Lisse