Karel Doing

Picture this Sound

HD Video
45 minutes

Jan van Duikeren: Trumpet
Andreas Suntrop: Guitar
Mick Paauwe: Baby bass
Arend Niks: Drums

Aurore-Marie Facundo: Dance

De Doelen(Rotterdam)
WORM (Rotterdam)
Zaal 100 (Amsterdam)
Corrosia Theater (Almere)


'Picture this sound' is a collaboration between filmmaker Karel Doing and jazz quartet 4D from Rotterdam. 'Picture this sound' is a four-dimensional audio-visual experience in three parts.

1st part: The audience receives special 4D glasses that stimulate the imagination.

2nd part: A city symphony in which trains, airplanes, hands and feet move in a light footed choreography on 4D's music. Fast editing is alternating with atmospheric footage. Humorous and startling details contrast with imposing architectural shots. A kaleidoscopic view on the diversity and simultaneity of life in a metropolis.

3rd part: A pastiche of fragments, in short a variety of diverse genres are passing by: horror, thriller, romance, science fiction and western. The music changes on a equal pace. A joyride through film history, with special attention to the fifties.