Karel Doing


9 minutes

Greg Pope, Bea Haut, Ben Hayman and Karel Doing

Centro em Movimento (Lisbon)
Witte de With (Rotterdam)
Menagerie de Verre (Paris)
Hrvatski Filmski Savez (Zagreb)
Festival de Cine Independiente (Buenos Aires)
Cinema de Balie (Amsterdam)
Ann Arbour Film Festival (Ann Arbour)
EMAF (Osnabrück)
Image Forum Festival (Tokyo/Osaka)
Viper (Luzern)
Firestation #3 (Houston)
Mc Murdo Station (Antarctica)
Jorge Hernandez CulturalCenter (Boston)
LUX center (London)
Cinemathèque Ontario (Toronto)
Fondazione Morra (Napoli)
Batofar (Paris)
Arsenal Kino (Berlin)
International Video Dance Festival (Tel Aviv)
Cinéma du Réel (Paris)
Center for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle (Warsaw)
Maria Morata (Berlin)
Centre d’Art Contemporain de Basse-Normandie (Hérouville Saint-Clair)
URFOL (Caluire)
Espace Michel Simon (Noisy-le-Grand)
Underground Film Festival (Lausanne)
Bienal de la Imagen en Movimiento Buenos Aires)
Early Monthly Segments (Toronto)
Baltic Analog Lab (Riga)
AVANT (Karlstad)
Zumzeig Cooperativa (Barcelona)
Filmkoop Wien (Vienna)
HIFF (Halifax)


Karel Doing, Bea Haut, Greg Pope, Ben Hayman - Whirlwind

An assemblage of footage shot during performances by Loophole Cinema. The group used light, lenses, projections and bodily interventions to create immersive cinematic experiences. The shooting took place during their residency in ARTIS, an artist run space in Den Bosch, 'Lichten' an event at Duende in Rotterdam and the International Symposium of Shadows, a festival organised by Loophole Cinema that transformed the West India Quay warehouse in London Docklands into a temporary museum of light, sound and shadow.

By means of stop-motion, long shutter speeds, superimposition, layering and slow-motion the images are manipulated and intensified, resulting in a labyrinthian time-space. The literal meaning of the concept cinematography; writing with light, is represented in a hallucinatory way.