Karel Doing


7 minutes

Music: Alien

Avé Festival (Arnhem)
Nederlandse Filmdagen (Utrecht)
van Reekum Museum (Apeldoorn)
Light Fantastic (Bath)
London Filmmakers' Co-op (London)
Scratch (Paris)
le 102 (Grenoble)
Allant Vers (Bourges)
2B (Eindhoven)
Extrapool (Nijmegen)
De Melkfabriek (Den Bosch)
Filmhuis Cavia (Amsterdam)
Kino im Künstlerhaus (Hannover)
EMAF (Osnabrück)
IFFR (Rotterdam)

Elba (Nijmegen)


Karel Doing - Ultimatum

In modern warfare massmurder is just another number in the papers. The count-down for the next war already started. A film and an installation made as protest against the first gulf-war.

The project started during my residency at Elba project space in Nijmegen, I covered the walls with black&white photographs and handwritten numbers counting down from 10.000 to 0. Additionally scraps of newspaper taken from the economic section were included.

In the film the same elements are combined: an animation of the photgraphs, numbers scrachted into the emulsion and animated newspaper scraps. These elements are arranged around a stop-motion animation taken around the compound of a multi-national company that produces industrial chemicals.