Karel Doing

Rêve Rive

6 minutes

voice: Andrea Emonds

the Red House (Sofia)
Rotterdams Fabrikaat (Rotterdam)
Nederlands Filmfestival (Utrecht)
La Enana Marron (Madrid)
L'Aternativa (Barcelona)
Maison Pop (Montreuil)
AFEA (Avignon)
Cinema de Balie (Amsterdam)
WORM (Rotterdam)
't Hoogt (Utrecht)
Filmfoyer (Tilburg)
LUX (Nijmegen)
Vera Zienema (Groningen)
Filmhuis De Keizer (Deventer)
Plaza Futura (Eindhoven)
Zumzeig Cooperativa (Barcelona)


Karel Doing - Rêve Rive

Dreamy images, often in slow motion, stirred or stirring, filmed along the banks of the Seine. Close-ups of water, blurred outdoor shots, shadows and silhouettes of people. Doing weaves an illusion of the city, in a joint project with Andrea Emonds, whose voice adds lilting sounds.

Herman de Wit