Karel Doing


HD Video and Super8
7 minutes

music: Comstock Jug Band

Echo Park Film Center (Los Angeles)
Deptford Cinema (London)
Kino Bize (Riga)


This film was made during my summer residency at Echo Park Film Center. After being confronted with the vastness of Los Angeles and the massive amounts of traffic flowing through the city, I decided to approach my surroundings in quite the opposite way; by walking along the street and talking directely to the people I met. Every time a passer-by would allow some eye-contact I would ask if he or she wanted to become part of my bouquet of citizens. After some initial suspicion many people agreed.

The film is simply a result of this process, with here and there a more pre-organised meeting.

After screening this mute at the Film Center itself, one of the audience members stood up and declared that the film made him proud to be part of humanity. This respons got us talking, and when it turned out that he was just re-igniting his musical creativity, we agreed that he would make a soundtrack for the film.