Karel Doing


Super8 on SD video
12 minutes

music: Andrea Emonds & Pierre Bastien
performance: Andrea Emonds

IFFR (Rotterdam) Nomination Prix UIP

Filmmuseum (Amsterdam)
International Bunker Film Festival (Ventimiglia)
Stichting Ruimtevaart (Den Haag)
Séquence Court Métrage (Toulouse)
LUX (Nijmegen)
Verkadefabriek (Den Bosch)
't Hoogt (Utrecht)
Filmhuis Lumen (Delft)
Filmhuis Den Haag (Den Haag)
Cinema de Balie (Amsterdam)
The Albany (London)

VPRO Cinema


Karel Doing - Getijden

Humans have long identified their own bodies with animals, plants or objects, and even imagined the possibilty of transformation. This film shows eight possible transformations performed by one actress. Each of the parts has its own specific colour spectrum and rhythm, that is combined with especially composed music by sound artist Pierre Bastien and voice artist Andrea Emonds.

For this visual essay, I used a variety of film formats and stylistic approaches. The camerawork is intuitive, the editing musical and associative.