Karel Doing

Energy Energy

black & white
7 minutes

music: Pierre Bastien

Centre Pompidou (Paris)
Festival Int. de Cine (Bilbao)
IFFR (Rotterdam)
EMAF (Osnabrück)
Schrottautokino (Hamburg)
Experimental Film Week (Madrid)
AFEA (Avignon)
Rencontres International (Paris/Berlin)
European Institute of Cinema (Karlsruhe)
Cinemathèque Ontario (Toronto)
Künstlerhaus Bremen (Bremen)
Brighton Cinemateque (Brighton)
Image Forum Festival (Tokyo, Osaka)
Art Cinema Off Off (Gent)
Braquage (Paris)
Kod.ex (Paris)
Millenium Film Workshop (New York)
no.w.here (London)
Tati Rouland (La Madeleine)
Heure Exquise! (Mons-en-Barœul)
Festival du Film Court (Villeurbanne)
Braquage (Paris)
Maison Populaire (Montreuil)
Work in Progress (Tours)
Cinémathèque Française (Paris)
Cinestar (St Ives)
Early Monthly Segments (Toronto)
Baltic Analog Lab (Riga)
AVANT (Karlstad)
Zumzeig Cooperativa (Barcelona)
Filmkoop Wien (Vienna)
Ji.hlava International Documentary Festival (Jihlava)


Karel Doing - Energy Energy

Found-footage film, compiled from industrial, educational and promotional films from the first half of the twentieth century, presenting mechanization and resource extraction. Rotations, transportation, mining; a feast of technological inventions. This modernist idyll is disturbed by the destructive power of the human mind and the greedy nature of the status quo.

A collaborative project with sound-artist Pierre Bastien, an elaboration of one of the pieces that is also part of the performance Recollection