Karel Doing


Super8 on SD video
5 minutes

music: Klaas Stok
performance: Andrea Emonds

St Walburgiskerk (Zutphen)
Nederlands Film Festival (Utrecht)
Dziga (Nijmegen)
Flicker (Spokane)
Cinema de Balie (Amsterdam)
VerkadeFabriek (Den Bosch)
Vera Zienema (Groningen)
Short Film Festival (Balchik)
Centrum Beeldende Kunst Gelderland (Arnhem)
AK Bank Short Film Fest (Istanbul)
Nashville Film Festival (Nashville)
Strange Umbrellas (London)
The Albany (London)


Karel Doing - EI

A short film made in response to a request by the foundation Dziga to make a short film inspired by the famous filmmaker, Dziga Vertov. I combined footage that I had shot in Paris with shots of short actions performed by Andrea Emonds. The idea was to recreate my incomplete memory of a film that I saw many years ago. The event of seeing this unknown film had blurred in my mind, but nonetheless some of the images presented themselves crystalclear.

Additinally the organisers of another event, celebrating the repair of a mediaeval organ, also asked me to present a short film. I asked them if the organist could play an improvisation with my film, and their positive respons resulted in the soundtrack that I added to my mix of memory and reality.

A dreamy document about finding a fragile treasure amongst a hasty crowd, the drinking of water, some wandering between stones, and the vulnerabilty of human life.