Karel Doing

The Hero and the Princess

HD video
54 minutes

Co-director: Ekaterina Yonova-Doing
Producer: Hristo Yonov

Regional Historical Museum Vratsa


Karel Doing - The Hero and the Princess

Bulgaria, and especially the North West are known as one of the poorest areas of the European Union.

After posting a call for participants in a local newspaper a group of six citizens were selected, all living in Vratsa, North West Bulgaria. They were invited for an audition and interview, which was recorded on camera. Their improvised and often spontaneous stories were used as the source material for further development of the film.

Besides the interviews the film follows the activities surrounding the yearly celebrations that are held in commemoration of the end of 500 years Ottoman rule. These days are named after Hristo Botev; the national hero, poet and writer, who was shot in 1876 on a mountain top near Vratsa. He appears everywhere; the school, the football club and the main square are named after him.

After completion the film was presented in the regional museum, as a way to give the participants the possibility to reflect on the project and share it with a larger public.