Karel Doing

Happy End

11 minutes

producer: Portaal Media
camera: Stef Tijdink
sound: Alex Booy
editing: Erik van de Belt
music: Frank van Berkel

Nederlands Filmfestival (Utrecht)
Galleri Lille Kabelvåg (Kabelvåg)
Schielandhuis (Rotterdam)
La Enana Marron (Madrid)
Shortly Speaking...Dutch, Warsaw and 8 other cities (Poland)
Lantaren-Venster (Rotterdam)


Karel Doing - Happy End

After being asked to make a film about poverty in Rotterdam, I embarked on a research trip to Heyplaat. Presumably one of the deprived areas of the city. My aim was to find an older couple, still very much in love with each other, in order to reflect my own conviction that a lack of material wealth is not automatically in conflict with happiness.

Upon finding a lush garden I knew that I found the right couple: mister and misses Roest. They were happy to collaborate and opened up their house and private life for me.

In the film we see mister Roest working in his vegetable garden and misses Roest on her way home after her swimming exercises. The world is going everywhere and nowhere but mister en misses Roest are glad to see eachother again.