Karel Doing

A Journey to Tarakan

47 minutes

Editing: Erik van de Belt
Soundesign: Charly van Rest/Alex Booy
Producer: Frank Roumen

Preview (in Dutch)

Nederlands Film Festival (Utrecht)
Filmmuseum (Amsterdam)
Haags Filmhuis (Den Haag)
Filmfoyer (Tilburg)
Indo Film Café (Nijmegen)
Filmhuis Lumen (Delft)
Lantaren/Venster (Rotterdam)
IDFVF Indonesia (Jakarta)

Singapore IFF (Singapore)
EMAF (Osnabrück)
Karlovy Vary IFF (Karlovy Vary)
Asiatica Film Mediale (Rome)
Bali IFF (Denpassar)
Media Wave (Györ)
Cinema Nova(Brussels)
Jiffest (Jakarta)
Tong Tong Festival (Den Haag)
ID - Contemporary Art in Indonesia (Berlin)
Close Up Film Centre (London)

Kunst Kanaal (the Netherlands)


Karel Doing - A Journey to Tarakan

Filmmaker Karel Doing follows the steps of his uncle Ed Huis in't Veld. In 1942 his uncle was executed by the Japanese occupation army during one of the first battles in the former Dutch-Indies. Sixtythree years later Doing searches for remains, keeping a diary in spoken word, sound and Super8 images. He visits the harbours were the mailships stopped on their way to the Dutch-Indies (Amsterdam, Genova, Port-Said, Colombo). He films in Jakarta, Surabaya, on Borneo (the jungle road between Samarinda and Berau) and on Tarakan, a small island with rich oil wells. Fragments from his uncles letters, archive footage from the extensive Filmmuseum collection and the director's diary are combined in a fascinating mix.

Nico de Klerk