Karel Doing

Rotary Factory / Recollection

Expanded Cinema
45 minutes

Super 8 and 16mm films
Mechanical Music

image: Karel Doing
sound: Pierre Bastien

Review (in Dutch)

International Symposium of Shadows (London)
eXperimental Intermedia (New York)
Logos (Gent)
Fletchbizzel (Dortmund)
Aeronef (Lille)
IJsbreker (Amsterdam)
Theater Kikker (Utrecht)
Voorheen het Archief (Den Haag)
Dodorama (Rotterdam)
Nova Cinema (Brussels)
De Vorst (Tilburg)
Filmmuseum (Amsterdam)
Freunde Guter Musik (Berlin)
Nova Cinema (Brussels)
Kino im Sprengel (Hannover)
Viper (Luzern)
Centre François Mitterand (Villeurbanne)
Pellicula et Basta (Grenoble)
Brauiturm (Hochdorf)
De Vorst (Tilburg)
Centre François Mitterand (Villeurbanne)
Café OTO (London)


Karel Doing & Pierre Bastien - Rotary Factory

As we speak about 'mechanical music', we might say something similar about Karel Doing's way of filming. His present work is taking Pierre Bastien's mechanical orchestra as material: music machines built with Meccano gears and pulleys, pick-up motors and traditional music instruments. Beyond the subject however, Karel Doing's camera uses the same technics as Pierre Bastien's automatons: loops, spinning and repetitive patterns, reverse or palindromic constructions, alternate sequences... By the way, both visual and sound machines have the same purpose: they provide rhythms, a superposition of various rhythms that create an obsessive and hypnotic universe. As a counterpoint of the films, Pierre Bastien has developed a new series of machines. They are not playing on music instruments anymore, but on tools and daily life objects, like pliers, scissors, saw, letter scale.. Those machines together with Karel Doing's projectors, form a bizarre factory, that needs two workers or performers able to control, to engage and set of it's machinery, in order to combine them in a rotary composition.

Pierre Bastien