Karel Doing

The Messy Realities of Multispecies Cinema

By embracing the 'untidy' a different perception of nature becomes possible, functioning beyond human projections of order. Experimental film has long embraced such imperfections. By building on this legacy an idiom emerges that is suitable for expressing multi-natural points of view. In particular, the use of organic chemistry breaks ground.

Expanded Nature
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Landscape in the Age of Accelerated Ecocide

This article looks at representations of landscape in literature, painting and film investigating the role of sound, time and material. The word 'landscape' itself refers to a manmade and objectified understanding of our natural surroundings. Within this short exploration, I am aiming to look at representations of 'land' that relinquish agency to more-than-human forces or voices.

Moving Image Artists Journal
Issue 2

Phytograms: Rebuilding Human-Plant Affiliations

This article proposes the phytogram, an image made by using the internal chemistry of plants in conjunction with photographic emulsion. First, a theoretical framework is set out, drawing inspiration from structural/materialist film theory, biosemiotics and perspectivism.

Animation, an interdisciplinary journal
15(1), pp. 22–36.

Ambient Poetics and Critical Posthumanism in Expanded Cinema

Posthumanism is a contested term, seen by some as leading towards a merging of human bodies and technology and by others, more critically, as a renewal of the ethical debate regarding human exceptionalism. Following this critical approach a set of propositions is sought. Drawing together multiple elements, new knowledge emerges regarding the expression of critical posthumanism by means of expanded cinema.

UAL Research Online

PhD Thesis 198 pages: creative commons download
Towards a Post-materialist Practice in Expanded Cinema

Structural/materialist film and expanded cinema, as practiced within the United Kingdom, found their origins within the ‘London Filmmakers’ Co-op’. This article argues that structural/materialist practice has evolved and while some of the original pre-occupations leading towards this type of work remain, others have changed significantly.

Journal of Arts Writing by Students
3 (1-2), pp.

Experimental Films from the Lowlands - DVD compilation and booklet

In 1989 Studio één foundation was created by three fellow art students aiming to provide artist with the means to work on Super8 and 16mm film. This DVD edition includes works of various artists who had a main role in the early years of Studio één : Karel Doing, Ania Rachmat, Luk Sponselee, Joost Rekveld, Joost van Veen & Roel van der Maaden, Frank Bruinsma, Barbara Meter, Francien van Everdingen, Marc Geerards and Anet van de Elzen.


Het Dagelijks Leven in Nederlands Indië 4 DVD box Including A Journey to Tarakan

Filmmaker Karel Doing treats the spectator to historical footage from the vaults of the Filmmuseum to illustrate the journey to the oil-producing island of Tarakan near Borneo that his uncle Ed made as a soldier in the late thirties. Doing followed the tracks of his fallen uncle, on the basis of the letters the latter left behind, showing his personal journey with his camera in hand. Gradually, the tropical heat becomes tangible, as does the horror of the onrushing war at the time.

EYE Filmmuseum/Nostalgienet EAN-code: 8717973750970

Neuf Jouets Optiques CD-ROM (Sold Out)

An interactive sound and image installation at your disposal. The CD-ROM started with material from the performance Rotary Factory. Black&white super8mm filmloops and mechanical music are translated to a digital environment.

CD-ROM (mac/pc)
Images: Karel Doing / Sounds: Pierre Bastien
Programming: Boudewijn Ridder en Remko van Dokkum

Edition Cactus