Karel Doing


Expanded Cinema
kinetic and optical objects
live performance
18 minutes,

Analogue Recurring (London)
Strange Umbrellas (London)
Documentary Research Forum (London)
Kino Bize (Riga)
Contact Festival (London)
Independent Film Show (Napoli)
Bain Argentiques (Nantes)
Worm (Rotterdam)
Artcinema OFFoff (Gent)
Process (Riga)
Visual Studies Workshop (Rochester)
Braquage - En Cours (Paris)
New River Studios (London)
ONCA (Brighton)
Les Inattendus (Lyon)
Film Farm (Mount Forest)
Early Monthly Segments (Toronto)
AVANT (Karlstad)
Club Solo (Breda
Analog Farm (Whitworth)
BMIFF (Braziers Park)
Filmkoop Wien (Vienna)


Karel Doing - Pattern/Chaos

The expanded cinema performance Pattern/Chaos is a negotiation between the unpredictability of organic processes and the regularity of frames, optics and motors. Images that are at first glance perceived as abstract turn out to be concrete precipitation from phenomena that surround us in every day life. The work can be understood as an attempt to undermine the assumption that the natural world and the human world are opposites.

Moving images on celluloid are made aided by salt, moss, branches and grass. Kinetic and shadow objects made from found and recuperated materials are used to break-up and expand the film-frame and create an environmental experience. Field recordings registered in a tropical rainforest are employed to create an immersive soundtrack.