Karel Doing


Double screen
5 minutes

Witte de With Centre for Contemporary Art(Rotterdam)
Zaal 5 (Den Haag)
Montevideo (Amsterdam)

Screenings: (with live music)

Vondelkerk (Amsterdam)
LUX (Nijmegen)
Movie W (Wageningen)
Lumen (Delft)
WORM (Rotterdam)
't Hoogt (Utrecht)
Filmhuis Den Haag (Den Haag)

Inspired by Rita McBride's Arena and the paradoxal effects evoked by the work, Karel Doing made an installation of projected light and film images of shadows and silhouettes of human figures, complemented by shadows of Arena and the audience sitting in it. The shadows were affected by the slowly dissappearing daylight.

The audience is invited to cast their own shadows on the screen during the projection through a projection arrangement that makes this superimposition possible.