Karel Doing

Four Eyes

Expanded Cinema

Super8 projectors
Surveillance cameras
Backprojection screens
Mechanical music
Live performance


Sound: Pierre Bastien
Image: Karel Doing

Cinema Nova (Brussels)
Scratch (Paris)
Cinema Alhambra (Marseille)
Happy New Ears (Kortrijk)
Z33 (Hasselt)
Kunst Museum (Ulm)
Festival des Cinémas Différents (Paris)
IFFR (Rotterdam)
Independent Film Show (Napoli)


Karel Doing & Pierre Bastien - Four Eyes

The 'four eyes' are playing with musical toys and the ABC of cinema. The music has references to western traditional music that is usually ignored, like the music you used to produce as a child when biking with a piece of cardboard in the rearwheel, or whizzing with the help of a fast turning button on a string. The images refer to different filmgenres stripped from their storylines, lost in a rhythmical evolving universe. A video-system is used to project films and music on the screen; sound and vision are playing together. Analogue and digital techniques are combined.

Pierre Bastien