Karel Doing


12:00 minutes

Karel Doing & James Holcombe

Independent Film Show (Napoli)
Close Up Film Centre (London)
WORM (Rotterdam)


An improvisation in image and sound instigated by James Holcombe at no.w.here a not for profit artist run organization based in Tower Hamlets (London) that combines film production alongside critical dialogue about contemporary image making.

The film was shot on high-contrast print stock and the sound was recorded during the same session with an Auricon single system camera. Each roll passed twice through a camera in an improvised manner. The film was subsequently run through the processing machine that it depicts.

The film turns the machines' image and sound into a reflexive poem. Hovering over its oxidised surface an attempt is made to land on its treacherous endless outpouring of filmstrips full of hidden treasures and avant-garde conflict. An E-ternal polyester leader provides abstract rhythm and profound blabbering appeasing the gluttonous intestines of the rattling mechanism. Body and soul rest in over exposed flashes of transcendence: a star is born and extinguished beyond its capitalist demise.